“Openings teach you openings.

Endgames teach you chess!”

Stephan Gerzadowicz, Chess Master

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Endgame Chess is our version of the capstone project for The Firehose Project, an intensive 15 week programming bootcamp. We are Team Endgame, 5 junior developers with different backgrounds working remotely to build the best chess app we can. With the support of our mentor, Travis Johnston, we followed Agile Methodology with weekly stand-ups to plan our sprints, kept our code in check using Git, and made sure everything worked with an extensive test suite. Some highlights include:

Open Source, Standards Driven, Full Service

Endgame Chess is a proud member open source community. You can view all of our code on GitHub. Additionally, Endgame Chess is built using open source tools.

Ruby ab8e70c3da9472ac11d943bd25e93f6a68ac9f157196ff988afd93d0caaee5da


All of our business logic is written in Ruby

Rails 9e4670f382dbbafa1673ae41c2053d20767efcf42f2895c255a0164c64b63ea0


Rails is the foundation of Endgame Chess, bringing so many useful tools and conventions to make building it from scratch fast

Our team followed standard Agile and SCRUM methodologies, having a weekly virtual stand up to plan the week's sprints. We developed a solid test suite using Test Driven Design and used Rubocop to enforce best-practices in code style.

Trello b6eaab0cfb6c186fbcce2ba197d4ffa5591e1ea945b3a52fd2ec9cce15b37e6b


We used Trello as an Agile board to keep track of the progress of all of our tickets

Slack 132c50cf39caffc0204c3b5546ac5551d923ae31f4978b6087046b949020242a


Slack kept our team in constant communication

Rubocop 874483bb52b3482b63fd46e9b177d440bbdd3dad4b8063c426c6dece2bc52726


Rubocop analyzed our code for style and best-practices

Screenhero 5d3221830dd634e4aacb9f4ee47e101603cab8867cd9d2b1be405ee79fd4c85d


Screenhero made it easy to pair program remotely

We were dedicated to finding the right tool for the job. Each of these services are best-in-class, allowing us to focus on developing Endgame Chess.

Heroku dfd34e9c777d0e21a1a6bd2b718ffe272cf5dbbe8faa692dd2f0334e7ac38a5b


Heroku's Cloud Application Platform hosts the production version of Endgame Chess

Octocat 83725d67429b6992643f9fa688967b7a98fe2736b368631733e208b79d6fbc7b


GitHub was used extensively to display new work with pull requests, allow for comments during code review, and track issues as they came up

Travis 9a2ea9777a8aba75685bcebe29fe87921469eca732d3bf98daf883fde81ffbb8

Travis CI

Travis CI runs our Continuous Integration and our Continuous Deployment

Pusher db09b25d81729bf4518f872876c9b54214a3dbdfee6471fb20b64a5a3459adc5


Pusher uses Websockets to allow us to have real-time updates for pieces for both players

The Team

Adam 53f9fcb32964b931edcd230a2ebc39ac823155a73193f45d92d4438bd2cae621

Adam D (@addstar34)

Aziz 15c64701c63ef0bd4834eb3d0ffe7ed66297793ba30caf345c10143e03541c30

Aziz Sharipov (@gagaception)

Jonathan 7b5ef345ed193d87df8675bcdfd19b77e52b2239f13f2cb6db7a2ed397f7b068

Jonathan Pike (@jonathanpike)

Ronny e86f87c871785a9c071a9cd43b1d9a37bb94d0edc7a4a029c036ee85bf9c77f2

Ronny Almog (@ronny2205)

Take 08b6b475ad16cbbc6b016b3a50c331ee9316e79977cadc5e6504507865f91f26

Takehiro Mouri (@takehiromouri)